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Located a mere three hours away from major Indian cities, Abu Dhabi is a cultural crossroads of beauty, grandeur, opulence, and global flavours. Whether you are a culture enthusiast, a go-getter, or simply fabulous, you will find plenty of options to host your destination wedding in Abu Dhabi. The city provides everything – from pristine beaches, regal hotels, city landscape, to bespoke services by committed wedding planners in Abu Dhabi.

The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, ranks high as a choice for destination weddings. The world’s largest hand-loomed carpet, the fastest roller coaster, the highest high tea, the tower with the greatest lean, Abu Dhabi isn’t afraid to challenge world records. With nonstop, frequent flights of around 3 hours from most major Indian cities to Abu Dhabi’s international airport (IATA), the city is an ideal pick for a destination wedding.

Wedding venues in Abu Dhabi are awash with fascinating cultures, traditions, and architecture. They range from plush hotels to the world’s most picturesque forts in Al Ain, a UNESCO World Heritage city. Host a corporate event in Abu Dhabi at the incredible Al Dhafra region, the largest sand mass in the world. Soak up the experiences like dune dawn walks, camel trekking, campfire barbecues and dune bashing through quad bikes and Hummers in the city’s desertscape.

For those looking to engage in Gulf culture, Abu Dhabi offers a plethora of exhibitions, tours, and food options. Experience the city through strolls around the dhow harbour, street markets, Sheesha cafes, and shifting sand dunes. The bustling metropolis has gained a reputation for being an art hub – from Etihad Modern Art Gallery, the Louvre, and the Guggenheim; it is arguably an art-driven city.

A city icon, the 114-dome Emirates Palace has the best banquet halls in Abu Dhabi, with opulent gardens, silver fountains, and plush accommodation. In Abu Dhabi, hospitality is a lifestyle. From serving of Arabic coffee and dates, to petting falcons, camel racing and Ayala folk dancing, Abu Dhabi is a cultural heaven. Visit the Sir Bani Yas Island, a wildlife park, stroll through Masdar City, experience the splendour of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, or indulge in local delicacies like the Harees, Mardooba, and the Luqaimat. Public buses, taxis, and the metro are the popular modes of public transport in the city.

Here’s a WOW Venue guide to the best venues for nuptials surrounded by sand dunes, souks and Arabian nights.

When booking a 5-Star Hotel

It’s one thing to host a grand event at a banquet hall, but an experience when hosting it at a 5 Star banquet hall. With the best of services, amenities, ambiance and more,5-star hotels banquet halls ensure any occasion or event will always to be a grand success. With large Indian weddings signifying endless days of celebrations with scores of guests attending from outstation cities, 5 Star Wedding Venues are the perfect option for accommodation as well as celebration. 5 Star Wedding Hotels serve the purpose of the occasion without any hassles and are ideal for guests to enjoy their stay and the event.

Royal, romantic, and grand-scale weddings are brought to life by meticulous planning and thoughtful service at 5 star hotels banquet halls. Often managed by the best in the industry, 5 star hotels with banquet halls make all dreams come true. The buzzing city of Mumbai has several options to go for, with big names as the Leela, Novotel, Courtyard by Marriott, ITC Grand Central, Hilton, Four seasons, The Lalit & many more to choose from. Be it weddings, corporate events, business meetings, cocktail parties & soirees or bachelor parties and reunions, look no further than 5 star hotels banquet halls to celebrate the event in luxury and comfort with the best in a perfect ambience.

There are just few things to take care of while booking a 5 star hotel banquet. In terms of the facilities and amenities, 5 star hotels with banquet halls will guarantee premier and incomparable services. Listed below are just a few points to consider while booking 5 star hotels banquet hall for your event.

1. Wedding Planner or Dedicated Manager:
With much to do at Indian weddings, involving days of celebrations, rituals or functions, planning and executing a wedding is no easy task. With many considerations to keep in tab in order to make an event successful, the task can be quite daunting for the couple and their families. Here is where a wedding planner or a dedicated manager looking into every aspect of the occasion comes in. A dedicated manager at the 5 star hotel banquet hall establishes all the necessary details to host a successful event. 

2. Seating arrangements 
The number of guests expected is crucial to planning the layout of the seating arrangements at the 5-star hotel banquet hall.  A banquet style seating, often used for gala dinners & weddings is a popular choice where food is served individually or from a buffet. A reserved seating for guests makes sure that guests mingle among each other.

3. Food & beverages
5 star hotel banquet menus are often being prepared by the best in the industry who are a talented team of chefs, offering a wide array of choices. The same can be overwhelming for most events along with its gracious servings that could be the key ingredient for a successful occasion. Then there are beverages - refreshing concoction of fruit drinks, freshly brewed coffee or hard liquor. 5 star banquet halls make sure that the best is served along with any special requests the clients may have.

4. Accommodation rooms
Once the selection of banquet hall is done from the options available at the 5-star hotel, consider & book rooms at the venue for the attending guests, along with other amenities available at the hotel. 

5. Decor & Architecture
Most 5 star hotels already have the best of architectural form & pre-planned space, requiring little to no decor. However, with decoration and planning being trend-led, themes of all sorts have been seen at various occasions to personalise the event on a grand scale. Decor at 5 star hotels has got a classier and swanky more vibe that glamorizes any event. Perfect for ambience and candid shots. 

6. Special packages
More often than most, 5 star hotel banquet halls have special package deals, inclusive of all necessary services or more at fixed price. Further discounts & other perks are available if accommodation and other services available at the venue are used together. Do keep a lookout for special deals during festivities and special occasions. Don’t forget to avail special spa packages available at the venue too.

7. Concierge service
Taking care of guests’ needs and requirements with any assistance they may require goes a long way in marking an occasion favourably. A dedicated concierge service at the 5 star hotel takes care of the same and should never be overlooked.

8. Entertainment options
Entertainment in the form of live music, performances & other always makes a difference. Find out interesting deals the 5 star hotels may provide in terms of the best in entertainment aspects to liven up your event.

The 2 Best 5 Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi, India

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