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For couples who seek a beach wedding not far from Bangkok or one that does not require taking a domestic flight, Hua Hin is ideal. Just a 3-hour drive from the capital, Bangkok, Hua Hin offers picturesque beaches and affable hospitality. Event management companies in Hua Hin recommend a great deal to do in this fashionable favourite amongst the new-age crowd – from visiting cultural attractions linking to the Thai Royal Family to experiencing the revelling night markets.

Located in Prachuab Khiri Khan Province, Hua Hin is an easy 3-hour drive away by bus or taxi from the capital city. Flights to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport are frequent and only about 4 hours of travel time. Packed with top-notch facilities like 5 star hotels, quaint guesthouses, romantic boutique hotels, and beach-front resorts, destination weddings in Hua Hin are perfect for those who want a uniquely ‘Thai’ experience. Hua Hin is one of the driest places in Thailand, which means it can be visited during any month, best time being November – February. The official language spoken in Hua Hin is Thai with Thai Baht being the currency used as a mode of exchange. With fewer rainy days, this beach town has more street life and open-air activities – outdoor pubs, eateries and bars find a very familiar space here.

Wedding planners in Hua Hin offer much to do for you and your guests. There are cultural sites like the Mrigadayavan Palace linking to the Thai Royal Family that are a must-visit, a meal at one of the half a dozen stilted restaurants to be had, night markets to be visited (these are specially clandestine), and Buddhist temples like the Huai Mongkol to be seen in plenty. One can take a cooking class to learn the art of Thai seafood, or take a relaxing bike ride on its beach. For those who love Thai food, Hua Hin has a lot to offer – with restaurants serving authentic dishes like Som Tam and Mi Hokkein in traditional style. Hua Hin is Thailand’s top kite surfing beach, by far, one of the best in Asia. Taxis, motorcycle taxis, and buses are easily available locally, but we suggest you travel by the traditional ‘tuk-tuk’ for an unparalleled experience.

One can choose to host a wedding reception in Hua Hin at a luxury hotel or in the gardens – the choices are endless. Banquet halls in Hua Hin are to be seen in a large number at the various hotels and resorts. Hotels also offer all-inclusive packages including travel, transfer, and accommodation for people looking to host a corporate event in Hua Hin. Choose from the exhaustive list of venues curated by WOW Venue below.

When booking a 5-Star Hotel

It’s one thing to host a grand event at a banquet hall, but an experience when hosting it at a 5 Star banquet hall. With the best of services, amenities, ambiance and more,5-star hotels banquet halls ensure any occasion or event will always to be a grand success. With large Indian weddings signifying endless days of celebrations with scores of guests attending from outstation cities, 5 Star Wedding Venues are the perfect option for accommodation as well as celebration. 5 Star Wedding Hotels serve the purpose of the occasion without any hassles and are ideal for guests to enjoy their stay and the event.

Royal, romantic, and grand-scale weddings are brought to life by meticulous planning and thoughtful service at 5 star hotels banquet halls. Often managed by the best in the industry, 5 star hotels with banquet halls make all dreams come true. The buzzing city of Mumbai has several options to go for, with big names as the Leela, Novotel, Courtyard by Marriott, ITC Grand Central, Hilton, Four seasons, The Lalit & many more to choose from. Be it weddings, corporate events, business meetings, cocktail parties & soirees or bachelor parties and reunions, look no further than 5 star hotels banquet halls to celebrate the event in luxury and comfort with the best in a perfect ambience.

There are just few things to take care of while booking a 5 star hotel banquet. In terms of the facilities and amenities, 5 star hotels with banquet halls will guarantee premier and incomparable services. Listed below are just a few points to consider while booking 5 star hotels banquet hall for your event.

1. Wedding Planner or Dedicated Manager:
With much to do at Indian weddings, involving days of celebrations, rituals or functions, planning and executing a wedding is no easy task. With many considerations to keep in tab in order to make an event successful, the task can be quite daunting for the couple and their families. Here is where a wedding planner or a dedicated manager looking into every aspect of the occasion comes in. A dedicated manager at the 5 star hotel banquet hall establishes all the necessary details to host a successful event. 

2. Seating arrangements 
The number of guests expected is crucial to planning the layout of the seating arrangements at the 5-star hotel banquet hall.  A banquet style seating, often used for gala dinners & weddings is a popular choice where food is served individually or from a buffet. A reserved seating for guests makes sure that guests mingle among each other.

3. Food & beverages
5 star hotel banquet menus are often being prepared by the best in the industry who are a talented team of chefs, offering a wide array of choices. The same can be overwhelming for most events along with its gracious servings that could be the key ingredient for a successful occasion. Then there are beverages - refreshing concoction of fruit drinks, freshly brewed coffee or hard liquor. 5 star banquet halls make sure that the best is served along with any special requests the clients may have.

4. Accommodation rooms
Once the selection of banquet hall is done from the options available at the 5-star hotel, consider & book rooms at the venue for the attending guests, along with other amenities available at the hotel. 

5. Decor & Architecture
Most 5 star hotels already have the best of architectural form & pre-planned space, requiring little to no decor. However, with decoration and planning being trend-led, themes of all sorts have been seen at various occasions to personalise the event on a grand scale. Decor at 5 star hotels has got a classier and swanky more vibe that glamorizes any event. Perfect for ambience and candid shots. 

6. Special packages
More often than most, 5 star hotel banquet halls have special package deals, inclusive of all necessary services or more at fixed price. Further discounts & other perks are available if accommodation and other services available at the venue are used together. Do keep a lookout for special deals during festivities and special occasions. Don’t forget to avail special spa packages available at the venue too.

7. Concierge service
Taking care of guests’ needs and requirements with any assistance they may require goes a long way in marking an occasion favourably. A dedicated concierge service at the 5 star hotel takes care of the same and should never be overlooked.

8. Entertainment options
Entertainment in the form of live music, performances & other always makes a difference. Find out interesting deals the 5 star hotels may provide in terms of the best in entertainment aspects to liven up your event.

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